Dining Dollars are the declining balance funds that are attached to your meal plan. Depending on the plan, these funds range from $25 to $100. They can be used in Sandella's, Simply to Go, or The Top. Dining Dollars roll over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester, but not year over year.

Any of the Block plans, whether it is the Block 160 or the Preferred or Preferred Plus Plans, are number specific so the Block 160 averages out to about 10 meals per week. Preferred Meal Plan averages out to about 2 meals per week and Preferred Plus averages out to about 3 meals per week. Carte Blanche, on the other hand is unlimited.

No, every meal plan (except for the unlimited Carte Blanche of course) is a block plan- that is the number of meals attached to it can be used at any time.  

When you use the retail operation, your account balance, for your Points/Flex Dollars are at the bottom of your receipt. When using the TOP, you can ask for a receipt or simply ask the cashier to tell you.

Dining Services can accommodate many dietary issues, including gluten and other allergy relation conditions. Please feel free to come speak to a Manager in Dining Services or speak to your RA, RD or the Assistant Dean for Housing.

We welcome all Faculty and Staff members. You may visit either location and if you so choose, may add money (Points/Flex Dollars) to your ID card to use at either location. You may purchase Points/Flex Dollars by visiting https://shop-wilmingtoncollege.sodexomyway.com/dining-plans.